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December 21, 2020

Year-end 2020 COVID and omnibus legislation

The House on December 21 approved the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021, which would provide roughly $900b in coronavirus relief, including many tax and health components, as well as a $1.4t omnibus appropriations package to fund the government through September 2021 that also extends expiring tax provisions and health extenders. A Washington Council Ernst & Young Alert summarizing key parts of the bill is attached below.

The House split the massive combined bill into two separate votes on the House floor, with one package carrying a group of security-related appropriations bills (approved 327-85) and the other carrying the pandemic relief, the rest of the fiscal 2021 spending bills, tax provisions, etc. (approved 359-53). The package moves to the Senate, which could vote late tonight or overnight. (Senator McConnell expects to keep the Senate in late to pass the legislation.)

Text of the bill is available here.


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Year-end 2020 COVID & omnibus legislation