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April 12, 2021

Puerto Rico's Department of State extends due date to file the 2020 corporate annual reports, pay limited liability company annual fee and request extensions

In Administrative Order 2021-02, the Puerto Rico Department of State extended the due date from April 15, 2021 to May 17, 2021 for filing the 2020 corporate annual reports, paying limited liability company (LLC) annual fees and requesting an extension of time to file the annual reports.

Entities that request an extension to file the corporate annual reports will have until July 19, 2021, to file the reports. LLCs, however, must still pay the LLC annual fee of $150 on or before May 17, 2021.

In addition, entities may request a second extension to file the annual reports on or before July 19, 2021. The second extension will extend the time to file the annual reports to on or before September 20, 2021. To benefit from this second extension, the interested party must have requested the first extension by the due date through the Registry of Corporations and Entities website and pay the corresponding $30 fee.

The reports, annual fees and extension requests must be filed through the Department of State's Registry of Corporations and Entities.


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