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January 10, 2022

Russia implements new medical exam, photo and fingerprint requirement for foreign travelers

Foreigners entering Russia on or after December 29, 2021must now register their local residence, undergo a medical exam at an approved clinic and submit their photo and fingerprints to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with limited exceptions. Typically, this is handled by hotel staff or the landlord of the accommodation where they will stay. Once complete, foreigners will receive a registration coupon. They must then visit a government-approved clinic, provide their registration coupon and other documents (e.g., notarized translations of their passports) and undergo a medical exam, which tests for narcotics and psychotropic substances and several medical conditions (e.g., syphilis, tuberculosis, leprosy, COVID-19, HIV).

A Tax Alert prepared by EY's People Advisory Services group, and attached below, provides additional details.


Full text of Tax Alert