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August 11, 2022

Wednesday, August 17 | What does the Inflation Reduction Act mean for life science companies? (12 pm ET)

The Inflation Reduction Act includes significant new policies aimed at reining in consumer drug costs that will affect pharmaceutical companies’ strategic and operational decisions now and in the long term. Connect to this webcast to hear from EY policy, strategy and tax professionals about the legislation and potential market implications.

Learn more about:

  • Key elements of the Inflation Reduction Act directed at pharmaceutical pricing and patient access
  • How Medicare will now be able to negotiate drug prices outside the initial exclusivity period
  • Inflationary rebates and out-of-pocket cost caps
  • How much longer the enhanced Affordable Care Act subsidies will be expanded
  • Effect of the legislation on the commercialization of pharmaceuticals and investments
  • Tax changes affecting pharmaceutical companies

Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Time: 12 pm ET

Registration: View archive here.


  • Arda Ural, PhD, EY Americas Industry Markets Leader, Health Sciences & Wellness, Principal, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Muna Tuna, US Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement Leader, Health Sciences & Wellness, Principal, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Eduardo Schur, EY US Health Sciences & Wellness Commercial Strategy and R&D Lead

  • Heather Meade, Washington Council Ernst & Young, Principal, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Laura Dillon, Washington Council Ernst & Young, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Jonny Lindroos, International Tax and Transactions Services, Principal, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Joshua Cohen, Senior Advisor, Life Sciences, Ernst & Young LLP

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