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December 9, 2022

Thursday, January 12 | BEPS 2.0: New OECD releases and ongoing implementation activity (10:00 am ET)

In this webcast, EY panelists discuss the latest developments of the BEPS 2.0 project.

Please join us for the next in the series of EY Global webcasts focusing on the dynamics of the BEPS 2.0 project "BEPS 2.0: New OECD releases and ongoing implementation activity."

The panelists will examine the latest OECD releases on both Pillars and explore the growing legislative activity as jurisdictions begin to incorporate global minimum tax rules into their domestic law.

Date: Thursday, January 12, 2022

Time: 10:00-11:30 a.m. ET New York

Registration: View archive here.

During this 90-minute webcast, EY professionals will discuss:

  • The new Pillar Two documents expected before year-end on interpretive guidance, compliance safe harbors and return filing requirements with respect to the global minimum tax rules
  • The Pillar One consultation document on administration and certainty aspects of the new nexus and profit allocation rules under Amount A released in October
  • The new documents expected before year-end on the treatment of digital services taxes and other unilateral measures under Amount A and the details of the proposal for fixed returns for baseline marketing and distribution activity under Amount B
  • What to expect in 2023 from the global negotiations on both Pillar One and Pillar Two
  • A review of current and expected country-level activity on Pillar Two implementation around the world
  • How companies can prepare in 2023 for the global minimum tax rules that many jurisdictions are planning to bring into effect beginning in 2024

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