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January 31, 2023

Costa Rican General Directorate of Treasury establishes new procedure to request tax exemptions through Exonet system

  • The new resolution published by the General Directorate of Finance establishes the procedure that must be followed by taxpayers who need to manage and process tax exemption requests through the Exonet system.

On 30 January 2023, resolution N° RES-DGH-005-2023 was published in the Official Gazette. The resolution issued by the General Directorate of Treasury establishes the procedure to be followed through the Exonet system for requesting and processing tax exemptions as well as other related procedures before the General Directorate of Treasury and its departments.

Among others, the Resolution regulates the following key aspects:

  • Dispositions regarding the submission and requirements of the request for tax incentives in the Exonet system
  • The possibility of carrying out the tax exemption request procedure in documentary form or by alternative digital means, when due to force majeure, fortuitous cause or any other reason, the performance of the Exonet system is affected
  • Dispositions regarding tax exemptions that require technical recommendation
  • General aspects and validity of generic authorizations
  • General aspects and validity of specific authorizations
  • Application of the tax benefit for local purchases
  • Provisions on the use and destination of exempt assets

The published Resolution repeals resolutions N° RES-DGH-038-2019 and N° RES-DGH-044-2020.


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