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May 9, 2023

Asean Mobility Spotlight (May 2023)

In this edition of EY's Asean Mobility Spotlight, attached below, we take a deep dive into the immigration rules for short-term business travelers (STBTs) as jurisdictions in Southeast Asia open borders to a near normal state, bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in an increase of travels for business purposes. This includes the following: (i) General entry requirements; (ii) Permitted activities; and (iii) Adherence to regulatory guidelines.

With the increase in travels for business purposes in line with reinvigorating the economy, employers will need to undertake a review of whether current processes that are in place are sufficient to manage STBTs. Employers will need to practice diligence toward monitoring the business travel of their employees to not only ensure that the destination country's entry requirements are adhered to, but also to avoid any exposure to non-compliance.



Asean Mobility Spotlight (May 2023)