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May 17, 2023

EY special report provides insights into employer compliance with federal and state Form W-4 rules for 2023

Now that most employees have filed their 2022 personal income tax returns, employers can expect an increase in withholding tax questions and a rise in adjustments to federal and state withholding allowance certificates (e.g., federal Form W-4).

Our special report provides information employers need to know about federal and state Form W-4 compliance, with topics including:

  1. IRS Form W-4 regulations
  2. Compliance with IRS lock-in letters
  3. Federal Form W-4 top 10 tips
  4. Federal Form W-4 frequently asked questions
  5. Special instructions for US nonresident aliens
  6. State Form W-4 compliance in 2023
  7. 2023 State Form W-4 requirements survey
  8. 2023 state Form W-4 requirements heat map

You can download the special report here.


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