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October 16, 2023

Attend this week's Tax webcasts

Tuesday, October 17. New Brazilian TP rules: What companies need to consider (9 am ET). Panelists discuss key features of the latest Brazilian transfer pricing (TP) rules enacted recently and what it means for companies. Register.

Tuesday, October 17. How to energize a workforce in the great rebalance (11 am ET). Explore the EY 2023 Work Reimagined Survey with insights from 17,050 employees and 1,575 employers in 22 countries, revealing the contours of new workforce realities. Register.

Tuesday, October 17. How transferable tax credits are changing the tax landscape (1 pm ET) The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) introduced federal transferable tax credits. The webcast will cover many FAQs, including which tax credits are transferable, an update on the contents of the recently released proposed regulations and how the transfer process works. Register.

Wednesday, October 18. Business impacts of sustainability and ESG tax policies (1 pm ET). Please join us for the first in a quarterly series of webcasts discussing the role of tax in sustainability and how it can impact businesses’ ESG strategy and operations. Topics will include: (i) the impact of sustainability on business and tax operations; (ii) the sustainability tax landscape; and (iii) the legislative and tax policy emphasis on climate change. Register.

Thursday, October 19. ET EY Tax.Tech™ Ecosystem series: Finance and Tax convergence - the next transformation frontier (12 pm ET). In this dynamic, complex, and competitive landscape, Finance and Tax alignment is critical and can unlock data to help identify synergies and establish viable and enduring business value. In this session, we’ll explore how Thomson Reuters tax and accounting clients have adopted a transformation mindset through better aligning with the finance agenda, integrating into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategy, and helping their people, processes and technology improve their tax function and better utilize their ONESOURCE suite of products. Register.

Friday, October 20. Tax in a time of transition: legislative, economic, regulatory and IRS developments (12 pm ET). Companies need to keep pace with a tax and economic environment in transition. This requires understanding tax policy trends and anticipating future developments that could impact their operations. Please join us for a fast-paced overview of recent tax and economic developments designed to help you stay on top of changes in today’s shifting economic, legislative and regulatory environment. In this regularly occurring webcast series, panelists will provide updates on: (i) the US economy and tax policy; (ii) what’s happening at the IRS; and (iii) breaking developments. Register.