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January 23, 2024

Poland postpones implementation of mandatory National e-Invoicing System

  • The introduction of mandatory e-invoicing in Poland, planned for 1 July 2024 has been postponed.
  • No new launch date has been announced.
  • An external audit of the Polish e-invoicing system and a consultation with businesses have been announced.

On 19 January 2024, the Polish Minister of Finance Andrzej Domanski announced that the implementation of the compulsory National e-Invoice System (KSeF), which was planned for 1 July 2024, has been postponed and will not take place in 2024.

The Ministry of Finance has also announced:

  • An external audit of KSeF and the previous preparations for the mandatory KSeF implementation
  • Further consultations with businesses regarding KSeF

The Finance Minister emphasized that the mandatory KSeF is necessary in the Polish tax system and will be introduced as soon as possible but did not specify a new date for the launch of mandatory e-invoicing using KSeF or rule out legislative changes regarding KSeF.

Impact of the postponement

Companies operating in Poland are encouraged not to halt implementation processes for KSeF and to continue working on the processes needed for the proposed system, according to the currently adopted schedule, to allow time for proper system testing.

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