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March 1, 2024

IRS Exempt Organizations update reminds taxpayers in disaster areas of extended June 17, 2024 filing deadline, provides resources for maintaining IRC Section 501(c)(3) status

The IRS Exempt Organizations division has announced in its most recent EO Update that calendar-year exempt organizations in federally declared disaster areas have until June 17, 2024, to file their Form 990-series returns.

Form 990-series returns for calendar-year tax-exempt organizations are normally due May 15 following the tax year for which the returns are filed. Calendar-year exempt organizations in federally declared disaster areas must file their 2023 Form 990 by the extended deadline of June 17, 2024. Organizations can use the IRS Disaster Relief page to determine if they are located in a federally declared disaster area.

The EO Update also urges leaders of IRC Section 501(c)(3) charitable entities to familiarize themselves with their responsibilities and the various actions that can jeopardize tax-exempt status, and encourages them to make use of IRS resources to become more familiar with those responsibilities and actions. Specifically, the IRS encourages leaders of charitable entities to review the "Maintaining 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status" course, one of more than a dozen online courses offered for existing entities. The course covers how to properly operate an IRC Section 501(c)(3) entity to maintain tax-exempt status.

Other online courses offered by IRS Exempt Organizations cover Form 990 overview, employment issues, required disclosures, and unrelated business income, among other topics.


Exempt organizations affected by a disaster should verify their eligibility to take advantage of the extended filing deadline for Form 990-series returns.

Exempt organizations generally should consider taking the free online courses offered by the IRS on various topics impacting exempt organizations, particularly the course on maintaining IRC Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. The courses, which can be accessed at Existing Organizations | Stay Exempt (, can assist exempt organizations with their compliance efforts and mitigate potential errors in tax filing.

The IRS's online repository of EO Updates can be accessed at: Current edition of exempt organizations update | Internal Revenue Service (

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