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May 22, 2024

Honduran Tax Authority launches its new Virtual Office

  • The new Virtual Office launched by the Tax Authority is designed to enhance the taxpayer experience by enabling the submission of tax procedures and files online. This platform is set to replace the current system on 3 June 2024.
  • Taxpayers are encouraged to stay informed regarding the Tax Authority's updates on implementation and operation of the Virtual Office. It is particularly important to closely monitor whether monthly tax return filings for May 2024 will need to be submitted via this new platform.

Through a press release (available in Spanish only) published on 14 May 2024, the Tax Authority has announced the launch of its new Virtual Office. The new Virtual Office aims to streamline and improve the taxpayer experience by providing an online website that simplifies the process and reduces the time required to fulfill tax obligations.

The communication further details that on 3 June 2024, the current system will be replaced by the new Virtual Office, which will allow for the fully online management of tax procedures. Additionally, it was announced that digital signature will be implemented in September, allowing all tax procedures to be carried out without the need to visit the Tax Authority offices.

The new Virtual Office will offer services such as preregistration for the Tax Identification Number (in Spanish "RTN"), access to the Online Adhesion Contract — for accessing the Tax Authority virtual platform — and the possibility of submitting tax procedures and files remotely. This platform features a real-time updated database, which is unique and accessible for all procedures.

The Tax Authority has also confirmed that the Virtual Office will be compatible with all internet browsers, will not require any application downloads, and will be adaptable to all smart devices.

In training sessions on the new Virtual Office, the Tax Authority has communicated that with this new platform, taxpayers will no longer need the DET Live and DET 5.5 programs (used to submit tax returns online), as tax returns will be prepared and submitted directly on the platform.

Furthermore, it will also be possible to make payments at the time of filing the tax returns, as the Tax Authority will enable access to online banking with some banks and/or a payment form that may be downloaded for later payment.

Taxpayers must stay informed about the developments and information communicated by the Tax Authority on the implementation and launch of the new Virtual Office and prepare adequately for the system change starting on 3 June 2024.

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