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June 3, 2024

Turkiye introduces three new types of retrospective import inspections

Due to the recent publication of a Guideline, and a detailed Communiqué that is expected imminently, certain companies with import transactions in Turkiye will be required to have inspection reports prepared by authorized customs brokers as of the publication date of the upcoming Communiqué.

Amendments introduced on 11 January 2024 in the Communiqué on Authorized Customs Brokers1 introduced three new types of retrospective import inspections that must be carried out by authorized customs brokers.

These three new import inspection reports are:

  1. "MH1" Report, regarding an inspection to determine whether the products declared as metal scrap were converted into any other product within the declarant's facilities
  2. "TP1" Report, regarding an inspection to determine whether products that were declared to be out-of-scope of certain trade policy measures actually are covered by the trade policy measure (e.g., an anti-dumping duty being levied on a number of products in a given Harmonized System code)
  3. "DK1" Report, regarding an inspection to determine whether the goods subject to authorization/documentation are suitable for their intended use within the scope of controls to be carried out by other institutions

Therefore, it is now mandatory for companies with import transactions covered by the above areas of detection to have an inspection report prepared by an authorized customs broker.

Even though the initial legislative amendment was issued in early January 2024, the absence of detailed legislation on how and how often to file these reports meant that importers were unable to fulfill the relevant liability.

The new Guideline and imminent Communiqué will effectively trigger the need for affected companies to engage authorized customs brokers to produce the requisite inspection reports.

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1 Authorized Customs consultant refers to the natural person or legal entity partner customs broker who carries out the detection procedures within the scope of Communiqué on Authorized Customs Brokers and prepares a detection report as a result, and for whom an authorization certificate is issued by the Ministry of Trade.

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