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July 8, 2024

Czech Republic implements amended regulations governing employment of third-country nationals

On 1 July 2024, the Czech Republic implemented several amendments to its regulations governing the employment of third-country nationals. Act No. 435/2004 Coll. on Employment, which went into effect on 1 July 2024, introduces the following changes (i) nationals of the following countries now have free access to the Czech labor market: Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, the UK and the US; (ii) companies that sponsor third-country nationals are no longer required to conduct a labor market test when they hire qualifying individuals in regions with low unemployment rates; and (iii) employers are mandatorily required to use one of three online channels to provide relevant information and updates regarding the employment of third-country nationals to the labor authorities.

A Tax Alert prepared by EY's People Advisory Services group, and attached below, provides additional details.

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Full text of Tax Alert