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July 10, 2024

Argentine tax authorities extend suspension of VAT and Income Tax exclusion certificates on imports

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) has extended until 31 December 2024 the suspension of the "exclusion certificates" in relation to the additional withholding regimes for Income and Value Added Tax (VAT) applicable to the definitive import of certain goods.

The AFIP conveyed the extension through General Resolution No. 5,520, published in the Official Gazette on 1 July 2024. The exclusion certificate requirements for Income Tax and VAT may be found in AFIP General Resolutions Nos. 2281 and 2937, respectively. (For additional background, see EY Global Tax Alert, Argentine tax authorities suspend the validity of exemption certificates for income tax and VAT withholdings on imports of goods, dated 10 April 2023).

Note too that General Resolution No. 5,339, published in the Official Gazette on 29 March 2023, had suspended until 31 December 2023 the application of the exclusion certificates regarding:

  • The reverse income tax withholding ("percepción de Imp. a las Ganancias" in Spanish) applicable to definitive import of certain goods
  • The reverse VAT withholding ("percepción de IVA" in Spanish) applicable to definitive import of certain goods

This suspension was further extended until 30 June 2024 through General Resolution No. 5,476.

As a result of the latest extension, until 31 December 2024 Customs Authorities will continue to apply the reverse withholding regimes when formalizing the import clearances, even if the taxpayer has the corresponding "exclusion certificates."

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